June 7, 2011

Here we put the horde TB portal on lockdown for four hours. The raid eventually grew to 30+ and migrated to their GY, where they remained on lockdown until I had to log out for the evening.

I went back feral tank for my offspec. My main has been resto for some time, pvp and pve, and the specs wound up being identical after the last patch. Both bear and tree are ~355ilevel pve, pvp being full vicious with nothing left to get. So I camp GY’s. I still havn’t done any cataclysm raids except the loot pinyata in TB, forget his name. Good times abound carrying random people in 2s and playing rated bg, although I’m starting to get picky about that. I don’t like putting the team on my back ya know? That’s what random bg is for. The rated BG bracket is corrupt. There are dudes rolling alts to loose as much as possible, getting them to some mmr like 500, then bringing them onboard with their 2900+ toon to drag the mmr down.

I’ve been in a strictly 1800+ pvp guild for a while. Once in a blue moon they try to pve the tolbarad boss guy and it’s always hilariously terrible. Like 8 out of 10 dudes in the raid have 0 pve gear at all, there’s always twice as many healers as we need and no tanks. Inevitably there will be a healer who won’t have raid frames.

I got the rat minipet from a dungeon bag! This feral tank offspec thing is gona get me all the mount/pet goods! Maybe. I’m working on the 100 mount thing, slowly, and doing old dungeon achieves. Some manner of achievement whoring has struck me as of late.


irl facerolling

April 16, 2011

This guy facerolled his way into pro gaming,

lazy and… ya

March 29, 2011

I seem to be shifting to more and more casual play. 3s was going great for several weeks, then they disapeared for rift or star wars or something. I’ve been just grabbing whoever for 2s for points. I’m kinda hoping I can keep the hunter from last week. Having barely done arena and never broken 1500 he was keepin up pretty good. Interupts on off target, chaining cc’s with me, fast switching for cyclone dr, kiting melee back and forth across ice like a champ. The cyclone switches really confuse most people (why u cyclone my target he was almost dead!). For the readers that don’t know; cyclone healer, kill something else, cyclone the kill target, healer blows cd’s into cyclone while we switch and repeat.

I did all the vash’jr quests, and I thought I’d done all the twilight highland quests but there seems to be a lot more after the achivement. The warrior hit 85 some time ago, and I havn’t really played him since then. I got him the crafted pvp set but the druid is more fun. I feel a little bad neglecting him.

I’ve done little in the way of pve, but I seem to have aquiried decent pve gear just from reputation and crafted stuff? I think it’s possible to get 246+ average without setting a foot in a heroic dungeon. I’m not sure if this is good, bad, or what, but whatever. I got conned into healing blackrock caverns this weekend. It went pretty easy, even with the beam lady transforming a dude and the fire pillar guy getting too many stacks. It gave us an achivement for that. I finally got to hibernate something (beauty adds)!

I proposed to my girlfriend.

badger badger badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM

March 7, 2011

I respected my druid out of wrath cast time for 3s arena. It is horrible to wrath things with a 3 second cast time though. I rarely do that in 3s, and the haste talent is just waaayy better for 3s, but it sucks solo without wrath! So then one day..

I accidentally queued for a regular dungeon instead of heroic. I got stonecore, and not wanting to be a jerk I stuck around. Being bored cause it was a regular, I goofed off with mushrooms. Not yet knowing the power of mushrooms, I put a few down for the first boss, figuring maybe I can provide some dmg for the little adds that spawn when they run to me. Well, they one shot the adds easily, and um whats this? Why am I not in last place on recount dps? Seems they do around the same dmg as wrath, x3, x number of monsters. OOO!

So for the rest of the dungeon, mushroomx3, explode, repeat. This is ~8k dps while healing. They cost almost no mana. Mushrooms freaking kick aoe dungeon butt. Goodbye improved wrath on pvp spec. Solo is now hot up, drop 3 mushrooms, gather 4-5 monsters with insect swarm and detonate. I’m expecting a nerfbat.

where does the time go?

February 17, 2011

Did stuff start taking longer in cata and I just not notice? I log in after work, do a daily battleground, restock the auction house, do the cooking/fishing/deepholm dailies, then do the daily dungeon on my warrior. By this time it’s after 9pm. How on earth did I ever fit in other stuff?

One of the deepholm dailies is something like, smash mushrooms. Most mushrooms just blow up when you smash them. There are a few specific spots that have MAGIC mushrooms though. One gives you a speed boost (25% movement speed and 25% haste), the other gives a potency boost (double damage). They last two minutes. There are also some red clouds floating around that double your damage again, but that only lasts 30 seconds or so. The point is, grab both magic mushrooms, jump in the cloud and a resto druid can 2-3 shot horde. The downside is sometimes I accidently jump someone who _also_ got the magic mushrooms and they one shot me.

The valentines day boss got easier! That or people are used to not standing in things due to cata dungeon mechanics.

My warrior made it to 75 without working on professions for more than a few minutes. I gave up on blacksmithing. He’s herbalism and mining now, and I just bought fast flying! My plan is to fly around collecting all the mining/herblism nodes en route between archeology digs. Then I can send the rocks to selv to prospect and sell, and just sell the other stuff. Maybe I’ll make money. Or waste a lot of time.

warlock nerf!

February 7, 2011

“Fear now has a PvP duration of 8 seconds.”
“Seduction (Succubus) now has a PvP duration of 8 seconds.”
“Devour (Felhunter) cooldown has been increased to 20 seconds”
“Unstable Affliction’s silence effect has been reduced to 4 seconds”
“Drain Mana has been removed from the game.”


getting back into the swing of things

February 3, 2011

First off, on a not-wow related note, someone is making a Star Trek TNG porn (safe for work).

Now that’s out of the way, I finally got back into the arena thing. The 3s team never played again after it’s first 3 matches, so 2s now. My match making rating got reset to 1500, argh? It’s a lot of fun to play 1500~ teams. I picked up some random ret pally from the guild who’d never done arena before and had no pvp gear. We went 3-3 and he had to bail. He doesn’t seem to log on match, so I picked up a random warrior out of trade. He’s geared but his stats show he’s never broken 1500. Well THAT was a steamroll. We won our five and drove our MMR up to 1700something. Did I mention I love 1500 teams? Slow cast times are so much fun. It feels like I’m toying with them; manabur.. bear, manabur.. bear, greater hea.. skullbash, pena.. bash, flash he.. cyclone. Cyclone having a shorter cast time than heals is a hoot. Purge spam from a shaman gave me trouble but that’s getting nerfed in a week. Priests need help. There are a lot of ferals now! They’re all terrible! Like WOOOO terrible. I got my vicious weapon.

I quit heroics. Not worth the time. Maybe next patch.

My warrior is 71 now and steamrolling all over northrend dungeons. He’s got ~18.5k hp with shout up. Did lower level plate tank gear get a stam boost or something? I thought warriors had like ~20k going into lv80. I know the clothies and such got a stam boost but I don’t recall tanks getting any. Maybe it’s cause I don’t have to worry about defense anymore. I got the brutal gladiator weapon and shield, which seem to be better than anything before lv78+. It’s on par with the ampitheater of anguish weaponry, and looks nice too. With multiple charges, warrior can go MUCH faster than bear.

I have a theory that the argenttourny/icecrown dailies may give more gold per hour than any of the new cataclysm daily hubs. On that note, I’m broke.

no news is good news

January 17, 2011

I havn’t updated this much ’cause I havn’t been playing much. IRL has been time consuming (in a good way).

I started dabbling in arena again. None of the gear requires a rating, so I just grabbed whatever random people in the guild that wanted to for 3s. They’re pretty new, somewhere between “what’s gladius?” and never uses cc’s. I just pick a target, and they tunnel it. This is fine with me, but I think frustrating for one of them. It may not work out. I’d like to find a ret pally or dk for 2s.

My pve set is mostly 346 gear now, and heroics are pretty easy as long as people cc and don’t stand in stuff. Sometimes the dungeon finder puts together groups with no usable cc, or no ranged when the fight demands it. Not much to be done about that. I started looking at heirloom prices for my warrior and.. argh! I wish I’d got those things in wrath. It’s much harder to come by 3500 justice points now. I guess I won’t be getting any heirloom gear for warrior any time soon.

The warrior is in the Outlands now, about to go back to tanking. I’ve been leveling him as arms, because refer-a-friend levels kept outdating his gear instantly. I didn’t want to tank in outdated gear. Now that I’m done with that I might as well go prot for the faster dungeons. I don’t meen the queues. I’m greatly looking forward to blasting through wrath content at feralbear+ speed.

vacation time

January 4, 2011

I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks. Despite being off work I didn’t play a whole lot, rather I spent most of my time sleeping in late, eating out, spending time with my girlfriend, family, etc.

I got the warrior to lv48, mostly from the grant a level thingy from raf. I’m very lazy with my alts. He’s arms now, so it’s not such a big deal when some armor gets behind (was prot).

The druid has mostly finished off the honor pvp set, and started on heroics. Tol Barad was broken for a while, in a bad way, where you just stand there for 1 minute, throw the match and collect 1800 honor. I did it once to see what the deal was, then didn’t. It felt a bit like cheating, so I’ll fight for my gear tyvm. I’m glad it got nerfed. What’s the point of a battleground where you sit on a mammoth looking pretty to collect armor, so you can stand on the bridge and look prettier next time? Anyhow, almost full honor gear now, acquired by actually pvping.

I only started heroics a day or two ago, as I wanted to max out what I could before hand. They’ve gone pretty easy so far, but I realize it’s just been the luck of the groups I’ve been with. How a heroic group seems much more dependent on the cc and ppl standing stuff than me. I trust myself to notice if I’m standing in something. I do accidently cyclone the kill target every now and then. I cyclone the X right as the skull is dying and people switch into the cyclone. I gota watch for that.


December 18, 2010

Logged on this morning and finally finished off 85,

I bought the two pieces of bloodied wyrmhide on auction, blew my 4k honor on accessories, chanted stuff up and queued up for my first 85 battleground. I’m using almost all wrathful set pieces still, so I look like a scrub. Not performing like one! If anything it’s easier ’cause I have time to think about things. Long cast times, slow damage, etc. At 80, I’d say if you had no pvp gear at all you’d get exploded. I havn’t seen any exploding yet. Plenty of time to stand around spamming wrath (cost no mp for resto) waiting for clearcasting to proc for a heal, even vs mages.

I havn’t messed with 85 pve gear yet. It looks like I’ll be ready for heroics as soon as I spend the 4k justice points I have saved. I finally ran into some hard regular dungeons, though it was due to people standing in stuff, not interrupting, hitting the wrong thing, etc. These monsters are unforgiving about that kind of thing.