first naxx

I got to try some of naxx Monday evening. The guy that invited me asked, after the fact, if I’d done it before. Nope, first time, but I’ve read the strats! He goes OMG don’t tell any one. So I didn’t. It was probably pretty obvious when I got the achivement for completing a wing though. I DID read the strats before hand, not like they’re terribly difficult to execute. We wiped once on Haggen the Unclean ’cause too many people (not me!) got pwned by the fast dance phase.

I accidently moonfired patchworks (that shifts you out of bear..). Fortunately it was immediatly after a chop and I was back in bear before the next one. I no longer have a moonfire button. Later I’ll make a macro to make it only work if I’m not-in-bear form since it’s sort of handy for interuping a node cap in bgs.

We had some trouble with the controling orb guy, mostly because no one there knew quite how to control the dk pets. Two other people made the same mistake trying to control them that I did so I didn’t feel too bad. The written strategy I had read for this fight was wrong. Mental note to cross check fight strats in the future.

Nothing interesting dropped (for me), but there’s not much in naxx10 I can use anyhow. Most stuff there for my bear is rather a downgrade or same ilevel with worse stat distribution. I was pretty happy just getting ‘done it’ knocked off my todo list (well half of it), since most pug raids want you to have already done it before.


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