the roof is awsome, kiting

So I discovered the fun of kiting a person/monster around a tree/rock/whatever. I should have thought of that eons ago. My lowbie lock can take out monsters 6 or 7 levels above him by keeping a big tree between me and it. Apparently dot’s don’t need los. Some random warrior challenged me to a duel. So I kited him around a tree and dot/imp’ed him to death. He wants to duel again but with no minion out. I told him wtf, that’s half my dmg man, but I dismissed the imp and kited him around the tree again. It took a long time relying only on dot damage, and he’s gettin angry in /say callin me a noob askin wtf i’m doing, stand still and fight, etc the whole time. Made my day.

I finally took the time to figure out how to get on the roof in arthi basin stables. It makes a great spot to heal from since not many seem to know how to get up there. It los’s a lot of stuff from below. Since I’m done with pvp gear I’m saving marks for the mounts and such. Apparently I can buy northrend blue gems for hk too. I’ll keep 85k in the pot for when/if I get enough arena points/rating to spend it and buy a gem for moolah every time I pass 95k.


One Response to “the roof is awsome, kiting”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Ha ha ha, “stand still and fight” that’s always a favorite line of mine during a duel. Another favorite is when they tell me, “no healing”.

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