silly horde

With faction change both our server and battlegroup are firmly in horde hands. Most wg’s we’re sitting at 7 or 8 stacks of tenacity. I don’t think tenacity helps a whole lot. It doesn’t make you capture shops faster, so whoever has the most bodies control the shops regardless of tenacity. It doesn’t keep you alive longer, 5 guys can keep you silenced/stunned all day long. It’s kind of fun to run around as feral and smash clothies between getting crushed though. I finally got 40 wg marks for the resto wg pants with hit on them. Actually I’m not sure which set of wg pants they ment for resto, none of them have spirit on them. I don’t think there is any pvp gear with both spirit and hit on it though.

Me and some guildmates made a 3v3 arena team. We ran it a half dozen times and didn’t do too well, but I see a lot of potential. I figured I’d take whoever was interested and help them gear up via arena points (from losses). It turns out both were pvp geared, one better than me! He’d never gemmed, chanted or even used any of it, just collected it for a long time. By pure coincidence we have a wizard cleave team (msd). I’m not really familiar with working with non melee, and they’re not really familiar with arena, so it’ll be a learning experience for all.

Onyxia is a lv80 raid now, super easy (they DID make it lv83 right? not lv79 or something?) and drops 232/245 loot. A lot of it. Ony10 pugs seem common but I’ve yet to see a 25 man. Any of the weapon, helm or neck are pretty massive upgrades for me. I need a new cape, but the only place that drops a good one (with expertise) is the second boss in toc25. I’m not willing to give up capped expertise for some 10-20 stam. There’s an expertise tank cape in nax25 too but meh.

My pve resto is starting to look pretty respectable, actually geared for the fights I’ve been conned into healing with underpar gear. I always felt bad when someone would insist on me healing something I was way undergeared for (in my opinion).


2 Responses to “silly horde”

  1. repgrind Says:

    Meh, it really depends. You’d be surprised how much havoc a priest and a mage with 7 stacks of tenacity can cause. šŸ™‚

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