I beat the game!

MMO’s are designed so there is no ‘beat the game’ so to speak, but we can pick endings. Lets say ‘beat the game’ is killing the lich king. Then what. I’m kinda curious how that’ll be handled. If you beat anub, that’s not the end, that’s start farming up max gear so you can beat lich king. But here’s the deal, once you beat Lich King, the next patch isn’t a patch, it’s a gear resetting expansion. You don’t need i264 epics to kill 12 rabid bears for a i300 level green.

The icecrown gating will stave off some of that. Hopefully the Lich King won’t be on farm for too long before the expansion. Or maybe they won’t total gear reset. Some of the higher end bc epics were good to 75 or so. The level cap will go to 85, so maybe t10 gear will stretch till t11.

I got a 245 weapon finally, so feral gear is completely done until icecrown. Well, hard modes, but lol. Our fri toc25 group tried hard mode afterwards. We got destroyed. A lot of people bailed and got replaced with bad dps. We got gorlock the impaler to ~50% hp before worms came out once. The rest of the attempts we died before then. By the way, if togc25 can be tanked with two tanks I don’t see how. After getting one shot (through cooldowns!) several times I’m calling shenanegans on that one. Mind you I’m packing full 245 gear, 55k hp without using stam trinkets, 62% avoidance, a few % below armor cap, etc. Conclusion: togc25 CANNOT be two tanked. It needs three, and like.. everyone needs to be doing 6k dps, not 2.8. What the heck are people thinking joining a togc25 with 3k dps seriously.

World of Logs comes to the rescue! Three tanks, five heals, seventeen dps. There is a 100% wipe rate below 80k raid dps. Assuming three dps are removed from combat via cobald/toxin, that’s an absolute minimum of 5.7k dps per person, assuming zero deaths (lol!).


One Response to “I beat the game!”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    I found that from a leveling standpoint, even my Kara epics were better than some things offered from quests I had until I hit level 80. Took me until 80 to get a better helm and until 78 to get a better weapon on the warlock. I’m guessing that the gear gap won’t be as large, there really is only one HUGE gear leap and that’s from vanilla WoW to BC.

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