too much snow

It snowed a lot and I spent two days shoveling. It’s supposed to snow more tonight. I’m used to going out every day, so four days of being entirely housebound sucks. Being housebound as I was, I idled at the wow auction house and made a pantload of gold.

Not that I’m willing to pay a pantload of gold for anything. I’m still keeping an eye out for an 8k or better hilt. For resto, I’ve decided. Or rather, it was decided for me. Our 25man beat festergut, for the first time, after the enrage, with one iceblocked mage alive and fester dying from a dot. He dropped and I won Distant Land, my BliS weapon. That’s best-looking in slot.

I tried to get together a 5s team for points, but there wasn’t enough interest. I wound up joining a pug 5s for the week on Monday night. I’ll try again this Friday. More people signed up for it this week, now if they’d all just show up. The pug 5s was pretty hilarious, ie. terrible, but somehow won 5 of 10 games anyhow. Don’t ask me. I guess everyone else was farming 5s points with w/e they could throw together too.

The valentines day event boss will kill anyone who stands in stuff and doesn’t eat their potions. I’ve done two runs now, and the first round both times everyone died except me and one person (we ate our potions and didn’t stand in stuff). I went in completely blind and figured it out after the first spray. I meen common, there’s poison flying everywhere and you have pots labled ‘make you immune to poison’. That’s some entertainment though, seeing such geared people getting decimated by an event boss.


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