The druid tier11 has wings. This is awsome. The season 8 gear is in the beta now but I havn’t found screenshots of it yet.

I got the ‘hot streak’ achivement, again, sort of. Sort of because I did the requirements for it a year ago but the achivement was broken at the time. I’da gotten ‘hotter streak’ at the same time but my personal rating is too low. It was ~2100 in 2s with an ele shaman.

I got conned into some 2s with a furious geared warlock for a while, managed to get him up somewhere in the 1700’s. My mmr isn’t so high that I can carry to 1800 easily, but I see how that works now. If I had a really high mmr (like 2300+), then (1500+2300)/2 = 1900, so losses would make our rating go down 0 as long as the team rating was under 1800. Maybe the team would loose most of the rounds, but it’d always loose 0. The lock wound up getting his 1800 from another.

I joined a 3s team with ele shaman and spriest. The shaman needs rating for some wrathful stuff so I’m doing some 2s with him now. Neither of them raid, so it’s been easy enough to get rounds in one of the brackets most nights a week.

Wintergrasp has been broken the last day. Not tenacity broken, which can be 0-2 tenacity on either side. It’s broken broken, like, non functional, the zone needs a reboot not working. If it’s not working this afternoon I’ll post on bliz tech forums about it. World pvp in general is plentiful, although both factions are very geared. There’s a lot of 12/12 hicc and 2k+ players on both sides.

Finaly Fantasy 14 came out last week. It’s a very pretty game and pretty good for casual play. I can play for 15 minutes and get something done, which you couldn’t do in 11.


One Response to “wings!”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Glad to hear your PvP is going well or at least very active! Druid wings huh?!? That’s awesome! Though I feel that there should be priest wings all the time. They had them on T5 and T7, but really they should be on every Tier. It’s priests for Pete’s sake! Though I haven’t checked out the T11 yet, we’ll have to see how that goes. Druid set looks great though. I always liked the druid sets with big horns though. Ha!

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