vacation time

I’ve been on vacation the last two weeks. Despite being off work I didn’t play a whole lot, rather I spent most of my time sleeping in late, eating out, spending time with my girlfriend, family, etc.

I got the warrior to lv48, mostly from the grant a level thingy from raf. I’m very lazy with my alts. He’s arms now, so it’s not such a big deal when some armor gets behind (was prot).

The druid has mostly finished off the honor pvp set, and started on heroics. Tol Barad was broken for a while, in a bad way, where you just stand there for 1 minute, throw the match and collect 1800 honor. I did it once to see what the deal was, then didn’t. It felt a bit like cheating, so I’ll fight for my gear tyvm. I’m glad it got nerfed. What’s the point of a battleground where you sit on a mammoth looking pretty to collect armor, so you can stand on the bridge and look prettier next time? Anyhow, almost full honor gear now, acquired by actually pvping.

I only started heroics a day or two ago, as I wanted to max out what I could before hand. They’ve gone pretty easy so far, but I realize it’s just been the luck of the groups I’ve been with. How a heroic group seems much more dependent on the cc and ppl standing stuff than me. I trust myself to notice if I’m standing in something. I do accidently cyclone the kill target every now and then. I cyclone the X right as the skull is dying and people switch into the cyclone. I gota watch for that.


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